quarta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2012


Between the months of February to September 2012, I worked as a contracted teacher Municipality of Praia Grande to teach as professor of history. In 2011 I had completed the Course of History by Virtual Unimes, and thank God I passed in four contests for history teacher.
I will tell my experience as a professor of history at the School of Vila Mirim Praia Grande.

I will take away the nostalgia of students as spectacular: Roberto, Matheus Aparecido, Matthew Rocha, Karen, Arthur, Isabella, Gabriela, David Vieira, Reubenite and many others, students who could get the most out of them. In the second quarter, and all these others have more close to me with note 10. Arthur spent the holidays in Portugal and brought up a memory for me. Matheus Rocha's father was speaking well of history professor Industry where he worked in Cubatao and see how the world is small, the wheel was to talk to my sister, who after the description given by the father of Matthew, my sister realized he speaks to me. It made me proud.

Teachers and other employees of the Municipal School Vila Mirim were extraordinary human beings. They were wonderful men and women, gay and some were the model of life for me. When I spoke with the range Cleverson, Professor of Geography. Israel, Professor of Mathematics, Alessandra Portuguese teacher. There was also another history professor, Luisa. As this staff was cool, it was a family. One sought to animate and encourage each other when the intervals, confessed about the difficulties faced in the classroom.

Taking advantage of the new wave of technology sweeping the century, created a blog called CADERNODEHISTORIADIGITAL.BLOGSPOT.COM. Ali postavam students on their respective pages, summaries of their lessons. I had some difficulties and obtain the participation of all, but oddly enough, it worked and typed ALL your texts. Some meager, others beautiful, but all in the same direction.

Every week I prepared lessons with all affection trying to give the best of me, and I knew that I fascinated. Some students did not sympathize with me, but most liked the fun way that I taught.

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